One of the most secure Bitcoin poker games ever - Security Protocols Explained

Protection via 4 layers of advanced security


In our mission to empower poker players worldwide; one of our core values is security. With the current state of the internet, security has never been a tougher challenge to solve. You constantly read up on various hacks stealing millions of dollars or major corporations being infiltrated leaving thousands of user accounts exposed.

We have taken multiple measures to layer security protocols in a way to provide a holistic approach to online gaming security. Some measures are completely unique that they have never been done before. We are proud to say that we have built one of the most secure online poker games on the planet.

Protection Layer I - Players Funds & Segregation

We utilize multiple hardware wallets to hold all player funds at all times. Each wallet holds up to 1BTC worth of value. As our player base grows, we purchase more wallets to accommodate new players. Keeping the funds offline makes it impossible to get hacked.

Our segregation strategy ensures our total player funds are split across multiple wallets. It also ensures wallets are kept in more than a single location to prevent natural disasters or catastrophes from potentially harming our players funds in its entirety.

Protection Layer II - Your PC & Anti-Tracking Tools (Players Shield)

A smart client system does not just protect the game server but also protects clients computers as well.

Most hacks worldwide actually happen on your computer locally, NOT DIRECTLY. If someone hacked your Facebook account, there is a 99.9% chance it happened via your own computer/your own channels and not someone hacking Facebook’s servers directly to get into your account.

So what does this mean?

Game security should actually start from your computer first. But in fact there are no current online poker sites that exists which protects your own PC and game application from viruses.

We have built a private micro system of common viruses and worm signatures which protects our software. The system also blocks other processes from being hooked onto the game client. Allowing other processes to hook onto the game client opens the doors for hackers to gain access to your sensitive information such as passwords or financial data.

Real-time scans are being run in the background of the game client. We look to update our signatures frequently in our game updates.

What does this mean for you as the player?

Even if your computer is infected by a virus; the malware will not be able to steal information from our poker game client.

Our players shield is not like a traditional anti-virus but acts like one exclusively protecting the game client. Part of our bot and third party tools protection measures are derived from this layer of protection.

Anti-Tracking tools

All major online poker sites allow the usage of HUD stats like Jivaro that track your every move and gives an advantage to your opponent. We do not allow any such tool to be used in our games and block all attempts to use tracking tools through our players shield.

Protection Layer III - Bot Prevention

Extending our second layer, we have taken measures to permanently prevent bots from entering the poker game. We do not guarantee its impossible but its much more harder for a bot to be programmed to work on our systems than any other poker site.

Poker has faced many issues with this aspect and many networks try to prevent bots but are unsuccessful in doing so. Here is an overview of how we solved this challenge:

Heat Spot Detection
We have active monitoring of mouse movements and keyboard frequency activity to detect if a player is real. A real player will have certain ‘tenancies’ that our software can detect. If the algorithms do not detect certain mouse or keyboard patterns for a prolonged period of time but the player is making bets, the player will be kicked from the session instantly as a safety precaution.

Players shield and Anti-hooking of Processes
As stated from Layer II, we have built our own ‘anti-virus’ for our game client. Part of that process looks at any potential hooks onto our game client and blocks it from happening.

Hand Quantity & Volume
One of the biggest advantages for Bots is volume. They can just simply outplay humans and profit more long term. Our systems detect how many hands each account in the network has played per hour and per day (this involves multiple tables). If an account has abnormally high figures, they will be seated out of all tables they are currently on and will be asked to pass a Google captcha to verify if they are a human. If they fail to pass the captcha with two attempts, the account will be suspended pending further investigation. If they pass the captcha, the account will be flagged internally and be put on our watch list to monitor activity by our team.

Pixel Disposition
A lot of bot platforms work by being fixed on a specific pixel position in the game window to read cards and actions. At random intervals, our game UI will automatically move entire game assets by a varying number of pixels unnoticeable to the player, but would mess up a lot of bot programs as they would read incorrect values or wouldn’t be able to capture numbers correctly. Since we are moving everything, you would not be able to tell when it happens and nothing will look ‘out of place’.

Login Frequency & Table Joining Behaviour
The advanced algorithms look at how all accounts login to the platform as well as the timing of joining tables. Automated systems and bots simply cannot replicate natural joining, sitting out and login patterns.

If you research into what other online poker sites or casinos are doing against bots, very few have built highly sophisticated systems to prevent Bots. We believe we have built a strong set of techniques which makes our game one of the most secure.

Protection Layer IV - Collusion & Anti-Cheating

Collusion means when multiple accounts are communicating together to obtain an advantage on a table. We have multiple measures in place to prevent cheating across all our games. These include:

Soft playing
This method detects when two players are playing especially passive against each other when in a pot together. Examples of how our system flags this is by noticing if players are holding premium hands but check it through to the river for no logical reason or if two specific players never raise each other. We have 8 specific metrics that we look for in this mode of detection.

Chip Dumping
Chip dumping means when one player intentionally loses chips to another player in order to balance their chips or make a specific player double up in chips. The idea is to either improve the chances of both players finishing in money positions in a tournament or give one player a higher chance to finish higher in a tournament.

Our systems keep a log of all players who have went all-in against each other throughout our tournaments. The system then looks for distinct patterns such as if player A always loses to player B or if players A and B are always involved in all-in hands together to double each other up interchangeably.

Squeezing Collaboratively
Squeezing in our context means when two or more players team up together to try and take an opponent down. A typical example of this would be if the victim makes a 3-bet, attacker A would raise it to 4–bet and attacker B would raise it again to a 5-bet causing the victim to fold chips and/or blinds & ante’s.

Here our systems look at betting patterns when specific players are involved in hands and with what hands are they doing that with. If players A and B are constantly 4 or 5 betting pre-flop with nothing, only with each other and with a +1*, then it raises a flag in the system.

Hidden parameters
These are not all our precautions that we take. Some methods involved in our system are kept private in case potential cheaters are trying to pass anti cheating detection.

How action is taken
If any of our systems detect suspicious behavior, a case file will be opened and a member of our team will be notified. We will then manually check and monitor the account in question. If there is a good amount of proof we will permanently close the account without any warnings. We will also ban the IP(s) which were used to access and create the account. Players affected by cheaters will be reimbursed and notified.

Putting it all together

In summary: Your funds are protected offline eliminating any possibility of hacks.

You are protected both on your actual local machine and via our servers.

You are safe from being tracked and opponents using HUD stats.

You are safe via our multitude of anti-cheating modules to eliminate cheaters and collusion.

You are protected from playing against Bots as our game engine has a unique blend of algorithms running 24/7 in the background.

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